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Your YouTube channel is a BUSINESS. Start treating it like one... and you'll grow faster than you're ready for.

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Growing your channel is like growing a startup. Focus on the right thing at the right time... and you'll win.

Follow the startup battle tested AARRR strategy from the Playbook to maximize your Return on Investment for the stage you're at.



Get maximum Eyeballs 👀 

Find your Niche, and find the topics that almost guarantee some level of "viral growth".

Tools: video transcripts, keyword research and quantitative trend reports.




Get the most clicks 🤑

Viewers have to click on it before they watch it. Does your thumbnail and title speak to the right audience and hook them?

Tools: thumbnail best practices score, A/B test your thumbnails, and title optimization calculator.




Make people come back 💪

You want viewers to become subs and subs to watch every video. Yes, you need good content. But there's more you can do...

Tools: content consistency planner, viewer engagement CRM, best-time-to-post calculator, and CTA checklist.




Get people to spread the word 📣

Loyal subs should recruit more subs. Make that easy and engage with them quickly to build your community.

Tools: clip-and-share to other platforms, referral programs.




Make the most money 💰

Ad revenue is the beginning... just ask any YouTuber. Don't wait to "get more subs". Get paid from day 1.

Tools: affiliate programs, increase your CPM, rufflo, paid products, freelancing gigs.


Who are you guys? 🤔

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Hey 👋 I'm Matt

I grew my Youtube channel from 0 to 3,000 subscribers with my first 2 videos. I went viral. Here's the thing though: It wasn't luck...

Me and my 4 buddies are professional programmers, data-scientists, and analysts. The type of people that built the YouTube algorithm.

With our skills... YouTube has been easy. So now we're sharing the tools we use and the results of our research.

If you have any questions, reach out to me 😁

I want to grow 🚀

Why we're helping YouTubers

News, learning, entertainment... YouTube's for everything.

We want creators to have access to the tools and info that the big brands and companies do. Take the guesswork out of decision making and leverage the power of data and software.

Our Tech startup and data analysis background made growing on YouTube easy. Now we're sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean to Be Data-Driven?

Being data-driven means you make decisions based on data. Instead of using your intuition or personal experience.

Your data (YouTube analytics) is how you learn what your viewers like. Instead of guessing, let your viewers cast their vote with their actions. You count the votes by interpreting the data. Intuition is important, but you need data to confirm that your intuition is correct.

To blow up on Youtube... you need to please the algorithm. And to please a data-driven algorithm, you have to be data-driven yourself.

What is the AARRR Framework?

AARRR are the 5 most important metrics a YouTube channel should focus on:

1. Acquisition - where do my views come from?

2. Activation - how much do viewers like my videos?

3. Retention - how many viewers subscribe and watch more?

4. Referral - how can I get my viewers to share my videos?

5. Revenue - how can I earn money from my viewers?

They're listed in the order you should focus on them e.g there's no point thinking about revenue if you don't have any views.

We'll walk you through each step, and give you the tools you need.

How is Being a YouTuber Like Founding a Startup?

The biggest and fastest growing YouTubers treat it like a business... because it is. Would you create videos if you knew you'd never make any money from it?

That shouldn't take the fun out of it. It's fun when you're succeeding. The best way to win is to follow proven formulas and add your own creative magic and personality.

By applying startup tools and knowledge to growing a YouTube channel, you'll be racing with a Tesla against a horse-and-wagon.

How is YouTube "Easy" in 2021?

It's easier than ever to get 100k subscribers on YouTube. Why? Because the YouTube algorithm can't be cheated anymore!

You can't post boring content everyday and blow up because of your consistency. There's no keyword stuffing or view hijacking. YouTube favors quality over quantity.

Pleasing the algorithm is how you go viral. And these days it's very clear what makes the algorithm happy. Optimize your content for a these few metrics, follow our SEO checklist, and you'll grow faster than you're ready for.